Heat List

WOD 1 starts @ 9:00am sharp. Each heat will be 12 minutes after the one before. So Heat 2 will be at 9:12, 3 at 9:24, and so on.

WOD 2 starts @ 10:30. Similarly each heat will be 12 minutes later.

WOD 3 starts at 12:00pm. Each heat will be 15 minutes after the one before.

WOD 4 is the Floater WOD. No heat times are listed because it is 1st come 1st serve. Athletes will have until 1:00pm to complete the floater.

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WOD 3: “Killing Me Softly, With His Kettlebell”


The last WOD announcement for the Summer Solstice Team Showdown!! Here it is!

WOD 3: “Killing Me Softly, With His Kettlebell”

For Time, 10m time cap
150 KB Swings 53#* (full swing for men, russian for women)
75 Box Jump Over 24**
50 KB Lunges 53#, (oh for men, goblet for women)

*Partner must be in handstand against wall for reps to count
**Partner must hold squat position for reps to count

Instructions: Athletes will start at designated starting area. At “3-2-1 GO” athletes will move to position. Males must start. Female athlete must be up and in control against the wall in handstand before partner can have a countable rep for swing. If/When athlete comes down form wall partners switch and proceed the same way. Once 150 reps is done they must move the kettlebells against the wall and move the box into position. They then can get into position, one athlete in squat position and other doing box jumps. Similarly, once the squatting partner is out of a squat they switch. Time is when 75 reps for box jump over is completed.


Russian Swing: kettle bell must clearly pass the athlete’s sternum. Reps only count if the partner athlete is in a handstand against the wall. Only standard for hold is being in a controlled position against the wall with the head and ears in line with the arms or through the arms. No part of the body has to touch the wall, but only the feet can touch the wall. If the hips/back/head, etc touch the wall it will be counted as failing the hold. Athletes MUST SWITCH when the handstand hold is lost. Regular swing is KB overhead, arms extended, KB above parallel with floor.

Box Jump Over: Two feet start. Athlete can step into jump. Hips do not need to be extended at top of box. Reps only count if the partner athlete is in a full squat. Hips below the knees. Elbows/arms/hands cannot touch the legs in any way. If they do the squat will be considered failed. Athletes MUST SWITCH once squat is failed.

There is a 10 minute time cap. Any uncompleted reps will count as 1 second added to total time.


WOD 2: “Guys First”

WOD 2: “Guys First”

For Time: 8 Minute Time Cap
2 Rounds
10 Power Clean 145
15 Deadlift 145
2 Rounds
15 Shoulder to Overhead 95
10 Power Clean 95
4 Rounds
10 Lateral Burpees over Bar
10 Lateral Burpees over Bar

Instructions: The start of the WOD will have 1 bar (45#) loaded with 2-25# plates on each side to make 145#. At 3-2-1 GO, the male athlete will perform 10 Power Cleans. Then the female will perform 15 Deadlifts. They will do 2 rounds like so, then strip 1-25# plate off each side to make 95#. The male athlete will then perform 15 Shoulder to Overhead. Then the female will perform 10 Power Clean. They will do 2 rounds like so.

After the completion of the 4 rounds (2 of each couplet), the male athlete will start 10 lateral burpees over the bar. Then the female athlete will perform 10 lateral burpees. They will do 4 rounds like so.

After the female athlete performs the 10th burpee of the 4th round their clock will stop. Teams that do not complete the work in the allotted time will get a time of 8:00 + 1 second for each rep not completed. So if they get through the barbell work and 3 rounds of the burpees, they will have left 20 reps unfinished and have a score of 8:20.

Power Clean: both weights touch the floor for each rep, elbows must be around the bar, knees and hips locked out at top for a full rep. A hang clean can be performed if the rep starts with the weights touching the floor before the hang position is established.

Deadlift: both weights touch the floor for each rep, hips and shoulders must be behind the bar at the top of the rep with the hips and knees locked out.

Shoulder to Overhead: Any STOH can be performed. Bar must start at the shoulders (touching) and finish locked out overhead with the head through the arms so the judge can see the ears. Hips and knees must be locked out and feet within shoulders width.

Lateral Burpees: Rep starts with the athlete standing, then dropping to touch the chest to the floor. The rep is completed when both feet touch the other side of the bar. The athlete must jump with both feet at the same time. They can land with one foot before the other.

First WOD: “Partner Fran”


Yep. You read that right. Let’s do it! More WODs coming this week

WOD 1: 7m AMRAP “Partner Fran”

Thrusters 95/65

-There will be 2 bars, both 45# loaded with the appropriate weight for men and women. Each team will have a pull-up station with a short and tall bar. Thruster and Pull-Up standards are per usual. Partners can break up work however they desire in 21-15-9 order.

Score is total reps completed in 7 minutes.

Announcing Sponsor : Paleo Naturals



We are pleased to announce Paleo Naturals as our lead sponsor for the Summer Solstice Team Showdown. Paleo Naturals provides awesome paleo snack and food options marketed solely to CrossFitters. CrossFit Lando loves their stuff and they are a great company to work with. They will be here on June 21 for the Summer Solstice selling food and providing prizes for our winners!

2nd Annual Summer Solstice Team Showdown



We are happy to announce the 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Team Showdown. It’s going down Saturday, June 21 starting @ 9:00am.

This event brought 40 teams last year and was a great event had for all. Big $$ for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as prize packs from a number of sponsors. Sponsors will be announced as the event gets closer.

This is an all RX team event. Teams are 2 people, 1 guy and 1 girl. The WODs will be for any RX athlete. If you can do “Fran” RX in any capacity, you can do this competition easily.

Sign ups are up and running. Spots will be limited. Get your teams together and let’s get it going!

Sign up here: Summer Solstice Team Showdown Registration